My first sessions with Jackie helped me to understand the difficulties I had with my son.  The insights she gave me shed light on the repetitive patterns of behavior I had locked in to.  Jackie has given me peace of mind many times.  Her later counsel about real estate and financial matters allowed me to act on opportunities I would not have been aware of without her.  The benefits of my sessions with her have paid her fee thousands of times over--especially financially.  -LeeAnn G. Boise, ID

When Jackie does an astrology/numerology reading, you can tell she lives, breathes, and sleeps with it!  The information radiates from the very core of her being.  She is truely gifted for this work.  The fact that she tapes the sessions is very helpful.  Many times she will say something and I will wonder: How can that be? What does that mean? Sure enough, I always have MANY "ah ha" moments throughout the year after revisiting the tape.  -Kim R. Boise, ID

I have been seeking Jackie's professional guidance for more that 15 years.  She was highly recommended from others who lived out of the area.  Her professionalism, intuition, knowledge, and personal experiences makes her one of the best among her peers.  She had guided me through challenges with my teenage sons, career concerns, and my own personal growth using her keen intuition and psychic abilities.  She will always be the one person I can trust to receive accurate, applicable information, and advice about those personal concerns in my life. -J.N.

I’ve had the pleasure of receiving readings from Jackie over the past twenty years.  She is a fabulous astrologer who is always insightful, thorough and incredibly kind.  Her readings have helped me navigate best life decisions, and I’m truly thankful for her expertise. -Julie G. Lewiston, Idaho